We’re not perfect

So a little over a month ago one of our good friends (and extremely talented photographer) messaged me to tell me she would be in Nashville and really wanted to do that shoot in the record store we had talked about before.

Naturally I was ecstatic. I mean Logan is so so good and Mack and I haven’t taken photos in forever.. and I really craved the artistic outlet of it all. So we did the shoot, we had so so much fun, and by midnight Logan was sending me samples.. and I was in love… these photos were so authentic to Mack and I. She didn’t know this, but I bought Mack our record player for our 2nd anniversary, oh 7 years ago haha. Ever since then I gift him a record for most holidays or we buy them at the merch table when we’ve gone to a show together. It’s our favorite date night and kind of our thing.

So again naturally my first instinct was to blast these gorgeous photos all over social media.. and I still stand by that and will continue to blow your feeds up with these photos for every birthday, anniversary, or sentimental moment.

BUT with all that said the day after I posted these photos I had a sinking guilty feeling. You see Mack and I have been dating going on 9 years, I’m well aware that if I post a photo of us it’s going to get a lot of love and our friends and family are going to comment and like it. Almost every time I post a photo of us someone will comment “yall are perfect” or something along those lines.. and don’t get me wrong. I love it. Especially when it’s someone who knows us very well and know we have fought hard for this relationship. So when I say this please don’t stop adding those comments.. I just felt the need to let yall in on a little secret…

We’re not perfect.

Nope, not even in the slightest. As I said above we’ve been dating for almost 9 years.. we’ve both hurt each other possibly beyond what we thought could be repaired, we’ve said hateful things to each other, we’ve been people the other probably didn’t even like. But we always loved each other.

In this social media world we live in we’ve been faced with looking at every one else’s “perfect” life. It’s not healthy and it feels deceiving. I even feel like I’m lying to myself at times. So that guilty feeling was nagging me and I felt the need to tell you I’m not perfect. He’s not perfect. Nobody is perfect. And even if I’m the only one who reads this at least now I’m not lying to myself.

Mack was 18 and I was 17 when we had our first kiss. We went to separate colleges and I even went away to study abroad (don’t ask him about.. he’s still mad). We were children. I read an article recently about how high school sweethearts have it best because they have all these memories together and their families are practically family. Which is so true, his family is my family and vice versa and it’s amazing. But I also think high school sweethearts have it the worst. The growing pains are hard, being away from each other is hard, finding yourself and trying to decide what you want in life is hard, the confusion is hard, and ultimately you end up hurting the other person.. a lot.

So now that I’ve bummed you all out just know that it was worth it. Just know when I post those pictures they don’t depict a “perfect” relationship. They show true love and hard work. They show where we chose each other instead of giving up when we probably should have haha.

So, if you stuck with me this long.. thanks for reading my rambling. This was weighing heavy on my heart and now I feel much lighter. Keep scrolling if you want to see way too many photos because Logan Simmons is that good.



  1. Craig pincus
    September 24, 2019 / 10:03 am

    This post is so beautiful (nothing to do with the pictures). Yes your relationship is not perfect but the fact that you recognize that and talk about it make your relationship just that much stronger. No relationship is perfect, but yours is strong and vibrant and will continue to grow with the both of you.

    And yes those pictures are absolutely stunning.

    • aalexarae
      September 24, 2019 / 10:33 am

      ahhh thank you so much, Craig!! You know how much we love your family. You guys mean the world to us!

  2. Camille Cantrell
    September 25, 2019 / 7:05 am

    This is really sweet Alex and makes me so happy for both of you.

    • aalexarae
      September 25, 2019 / 7:29 am

      Thank you so much, Meeler!

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